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Alex Rider Week 4

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Y6 Home Learning


For those of you working at home I have put the transition booklet for BWH below.  We will fill this in during the school day with the children in school.  Mr Burton would like a copy of this booklet filled in by Monday 6th July.


I will put the maths answer sheets on at the end of the week so you can carefully check your work.  Please remember that the White Rose videos, which match each lesson, are available on their website.  We are working a week behind White Rose, as this allows me to look at the lessons in advance.  This week we are working on Week 9.  BBC bitesize also has maths activities linked to the White Rose scheme of work.


Best wishes,

Mrs Mawdsley



Song lyrics to learn:

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English 29.6.20

BWH transition booklet

Alex Rider Week 2

English and RE lessons 15.6.20

English Lessons 1.6.20

Monday- Diary writing

Imagine you are Peter and write a diary account of the events of Pentecost. (Acts 2: 1-47)


Tuesday- Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 4

Identify effective descriptive language used in the description of the island.


Wednesday-Descriptive Writing

Imagine you have arrived on an island.  Write a description of the island.


Thursday- Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 5

Comprehension work.


Friday-Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 5

Character description- Write a description of a character from the story.


In class, Y6 will be following the Whiterose maths lessons.  We are on Summer term week 5.  The videos for these lessons are available on the Whiterose maths website.  The worksheets for this week are below.

Well done Year 6

Over the last few months, you have been brilliant with how well you have adapted to your online learning. 

If we are told it is safe to return to school on the 1st June then Miss Molloy and I will look forward to welcoming you back to school.

Below are some photographs of the Year 5 and 6 classrooms where you will be doing your lessons.  You will be based in one of the classrooms for all of your lessons with the same group of children each day.  We will tell you when you arrive which classroom you need to go into.

There will be some new rules to follow which I am sure you will understand and be sensible about.  You will be keeping your belongings at your desk so we will not be using the cloakrooms at all.  Your phones will be put into a tray (one for each class) and taken to the office during the day.

We would also like you to bring your own pencil case into school, which you will leave in class and use for your lessons.  The pencil case should contain the following items: pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, pencil sharpener, highlighter, coloured pencils, glue stick and scissors.

Have a fantastic half term.

Best wishes

Mrs Mawdsley

Welcome to the Year 6

Home Learning Page


I am extremely proud of each and everyone of you and how sensibly you have taken on the challenge of beginning your home learning.  We all hope this will only be necessary for a short period of time.  Please be patient with me, as I get to grips with the technology, which is all very new to me.


I will be posting a link to our google meet group on our google classroom stream just before each lesson begins.  You all took home your passwords to allow you to access this stream.  Click on the link to google meet and then click on join.  You will need to turn off your microphone (I can do this for you if you're not sure how).  As the lesson progresses if you have any questions you can type them and I will be able to see what you are asking.

If you want to message me via our class stream on Google Classroom you can do so.

If you are having any problems with work or any logins please feel free to email me:


Each day we will be doing an English lesson (9.30am-10.30am) and a Maths lesson (11am-12pm).   I will post the lesson activities on our home learning webpage and on google classroom each day.  You can send me any work to be marked by email or on google classroom.  You can take a photograph of your work or type it and send it.


Other activities set on purple mash can also be completed and I will feedback to you on there.  The books which I sent home are available as extra tasks for you.  You can also login to, reading theory and many other free sites to keep you busy and learning more and more.


Remember to keep active and stay healthy while at home.  There are lots of online exercise lessons you can use.