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Friday (15.05.20)

Happy Friday Everyone!

In phonics yesterday we learnt the digraph 'ir'. See if you can read these words:









Now see what sound we are learning today by watching today's Letters and Sounds video lesson.


In Literacy today we are going to be thinking about how some minibeasts change appearance during their life. This is called 'metamorphosis.' The butterfly undergoes metamorphosis as it changes from an egg, to a caterpillar, then a pupa (chrysalis) and finally the butterfly. A ladybird also changes during its life. When we look at all these changes that happen throughout the minibeasts life, we call this its, 'Life Cycle.'

I would like you to look at the powerpoint below about the life cycle of a butterfly. I would then like you to write four sentences to describe this life cycle. Your first sentence will begin with 'First.' The next sentence will start with the word, 'Then.' Your next sentence will start with 'Next,' and your last sentence will begin with the word, 'Finally.' Each sentence will describe a stage in the life cycle of the butterfly. Don't forget to use your capital letters, full stops and finger spaces!

For your Maths today I would like you to make sure that you have been onto Numbots. If you want something else to have a go at too, you could try Karate Kats on BBC Bitesize which has some great games to play. Try the KS1 addition and subtraction games today as this is what we have been practising for the last two weeks.


If you get chance, I would also like you to watch a short video clip all about minibeasts from BBC Bitesize. You will need to scroll through the animals videos below to find the one about minibeasts.

And finally, if you are feeling creative today, you could make your own minibeast or butterfly painting. You could use the pictures below to give you some ideas.