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Suggested afternoon activities

Suggested afternoon activities


Please try and complete a read theory task 3 times this week.

Please have a go at times table rockstars 3 times this week.

I will be looking at scores and rewarding dojo points! :)


  • Click the link for the Spanish lesson, this week you will be learning how to name family members and pets in Spanish!
  • Geography - This week, I would like you to research the food eaten in Russia. How you display this is up to you, you could do a comparison table between England and Russia, you could create a Russian food menu for a restaurant, a leaflet or power point, it is up to you!
  • History / DT - Below are links to some WW2 ration recipes, could you maybe do some ration baking and then give your opinion on what you bake? If not, you could look at the ingredients and write about what you notice is different to any baking you have done at home before!

  • Science - Have a go at drawing your own circuits using the proper scientific symbols. There is a cut and stick activity uploaded below with the symbols on if you don't want to draw your own! I have also uploaded a picture to show you what each symbol means.
  • RE - Look at the 7 statements of Jesus image that I have uploaded below. Write each statement with an image to go with it. For example for "I am the light of the world" You might draw the world and a candle. Then you might choose to do a shape poem about Jesus being the light of the world. I have uploaded a bulb outline to help you do this or you can create your own!