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English - Live lesson 9:30


Today, we are going to write an alternative beginning for our octapodi story. The story starts with the to octopuses in the sea together, but can we start it a different way? Today, your challenge is to change the start of the story. The characters must stay the same, but can they start somewhere different to the video clip? What else could they be doing at the start of the story? You can make it as exciting as you like! I am looking for you to use a range of fronted adverbials today, along with lots of different language features such as similes, metaphors, adverbs and adjectives to help me see the story in my mind. You can use the five senses to help you describe, imagining you really are the octopus and what things would be like at the start of your story.

Remember to either upload you work to class dojo or email it to me please!

Maths - Live lesson 11am

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Today, we are dividing one digit numbers by 10. Think carefully about place value and the decimal point today.