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Summer Term Week 6 (1.06.20)

Live lessons:

English 9:30-10:30

Maths 11-12

Please note: No live lesson Tuesday 2nd. Work explained below.

This week's English will be using the following link:



English - Live lesson

Please try to watch the video link before the lesson:

Today, we will be using imagery to re tell narrative. We will be looking at the characters of the video, along with the location and looking at the different ways in which we can describe them to the reader. When describing them, we need to imagine our reader has not seen the video clip and that we have to paint a picture of the characters and the location in their mind. Similes, metaphors, expanded noun phrases, adjectives and adverbs are going to be needed for this!


Our shared writing from the lesson:



Maths - Live lesson

Still image for this video
Today, we are adding 2 and more fractions together. Remember, if the denominators are the same you only need to add the numerators together, the denominator does not change!
Work sheet and answers are below. Please send me your work when you have completed it.

Tuesday - No live lessons today


English -

Today, I would like you to watch the video clip again and then come up with an alternate ending of your own! Your ending should be written like a story. You can choose what section of the story you would like to continue from. Perhaps, the octopus doesn't get saved from the van, where may it end up? It can end however you like! Try and make it exciting and creative.

When doing this please think carefully about the amount you are writing. This shouldn't be a quick ending. You should have at least 2 paragraphs telling the ending to the story. I will be on the look out for a variety of language features!

Please either email your work or upload it to class dojo.


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Today, we will be subtracting fractions. Remember, when the denominators are the same in the question, they stay the same in the answer, we don't take them away from eachother!
Worksheets and answers are below. Please make sure you send me your completed work.



English - Live lesson

Today, we will be writing some dialogue between characters. You need to think very carefully about how to use your inverted commas today! Remember, they hug the speech and a new speaker needs a new line.

Your speech could be between the two octuopus coming up with a plan, it may be the man in the van shouting, it is your choice! Please do remember that when doing speech, it is important that we still tell the story to the reader and do not make it one big conversation, that would be boring! Work can be emailed or uploaded to class dojo.



Our shared writing in the lesson:

Maths - Live lesson

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Today, we will be looking at fractions of amounts. Think very carefully today about the number facts that you already know and how you can apply them.
Worksheets and answers are below. Please make sure you send me your completed work.



English - Live lesson

Today, we are going to write in role as the pink octopus and have a flash back to what happened to us! Because you are being the pink octopus, today you will need to write in first person. I want you to imagine that you have just woken up inside the man's box and suddenly remember what happened to you. You have a flash back of being on some scales somewhere, looking at your orange friend staring at your from the tank. Think about the emotions the octopus may feel at remembering this. How would they feel about being in this box? Can you think about their senses too? Because you are remembering something that has already happened to you, think very carefully about what tense this will be written in.

Maths - Live lesson

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Today, we will be calculating quantities. Think about the work we did yesterday to help you.
Worksheets are below. Please send me your completed work.



English - Live lesson

During today's lesson, we are going to be the pink octopus and we will be writing a letter to our friend the orange octopus. Remember, this needs to be in first person. Because we are writing to someone we know very well, it will be an informal letter.

In the letter you may choose to write to them about what a good time you are having out of the ocean, maybe you have escaped or maybe you liked where the man took you. The choice is yours! Remember to try and use a range of language features. This should be at least 3 paragraphs long, giving lots of information to the person you are writing to about what has happened to you since you got separated.

You can upload work on dojo or email it to me!


Maths - Live lesson

Today, we are carrying on with finding fractions of amounts. You will need to think very carefully today about your times table and division knowledge as we are problem solving! Remember that some questions may need a written explanation. Drawing bar models will really help today.

If you usually sit on the large table for maths in the classroom, please work on Worksheet 2. Any other seat, please use Worksheet 1. I have also uploaded the answers for both sheets and the power point we will look at in lesson below.