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Afternoon activities

Suggested afternoon activities

Please remember, these are suggested activities that link to what we would be doing in school. I know that it is not always possible for children to complete all of the activities below due to home learning restrictions, work hours etc. Please do not feel like all of the below activities must be completed and sent to me, they are ideas for extras.

  • Have a go at completing some of the comprehension activities on read theory. If you need reminding of your log in please email me.
  • RE -Use the link to remind yourself of the Easter story. Use the story board template below, or create your own, and story board the Easter story using your own words and pictures. Send me a picture via email or class dojo!
  • DT - Our new DT project if we were in school would be looking into different types of packaging. This week we would have been looking at good packaging in class. Look at packaging of food in your house made by food companies. You could look at cereal boxes, fruit tubs etc. What are they made out of? Why was this material chosen? What information can be found on the packaging (weight, product description, ingredients, logo, picture, nutrition information...). You could type the answers to the questions or write it up and post it on class dojo or send it me via email.
  • Geography - If you did some research last week, you will now know a little bit about Russia. This week, I would like you to use google maps to have a look at Russia. While you are visiting Russia on google earth, have a think about how you would describe the country and the geographical features you can find, such as mountains and rivers! Watch the video clip and tell me how it makes you feel, does it make you want to visit Russia? Why?
  • History - This week, have a think about rationing. What was it? Look into rationing and see if you can find out what sorts of foods were rationed and why. You may be able to find how much food families would be allowed a week. You could create a poster, power point, fact file or maybe even make your own ration book!

Mrs Jones has been baking!


You have all been sending me in some lovely pictures of what you have been up to while home learning, from making home made pizzas to waffles! So I thought I would share with you some of the things I have been doing!


Year 4, you all know how much I like chocolate, yummy! So last week I had a go at some baking of my own and made some yummy chocolate brownies!


They were very quick and easy to make, so if you would like to try them yourself, this is the recipe I used:


They were very popular in our house!cheeky


If you have a recipe you would like to share, please send it to me so I can pop it on the website for others to try! And for me to try!laugh

I think this may have to be my next attempt in the kitchen! Rose made some very yummy looking flapjacks this week and has shared the recipe she used with us. Don't they look delicious! Well done Rose.

Sam prepared for the family a delicious dish from the country Venezuela, known as “Tequeño”  which is a fried breaded cheese stick. It was delicious!

Frank has looked into rationing during WW2 and has even created his own ration book, he has done a fantastic job!

Rose has been doing crafts for her RE work this week.

Frank has been looking at food packaging for DT!