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Week 4 27.4.20

Week 4 - 27.4.20

Wow what a week! It has brought Mrs Charman and I so much joy to hear and see the pupils last week (even though it has only been virtually!). We are continuing with our online learning this week please remember if for any reason your connection doesn't work the Powerpoint and tasks will be on the daily page.


This week we have discovered that when some pupils enter the online classroom they are unable to see the streamed Powerpoint or at times hear me.  If this happens then please leave the online classroom and try and log in again as this seems to solve the problem.  Also this week some pupils have found if their electrical device is running low on power this can affect the stability of the connection.


The daily link for each lesson will be on the google classroom page please use this to access both lessons - 9.30-10.30 Maths and 11-12 English. The links are available 15 mins before each lesson and the children will find warm up activities for them to complete. It is really important that the pupils login prior to the lesson starting as it is very difficult to go over what they have missed once the lesson has started.


Each week there will be a subject theme/competition. This week I would like the children to take the opportunity to enter a creative writing competition. The Tourist Trail has launched a young persons writing competition which asks them to write a blog about a dream holiday. I thought this would be a nice opportunity for the children to use there creative to look forward to future! More information can be found in the folder below.  This work is not compulsory but is there as an additional task if you wish to complete it.


Thank you to everyone for activating their Class Dojo accounts as this allows me to communicate with the class as a whole. Please can you all, from now on, submit work on the Class Dojo as this allows it to be stored in your virtual tray.


The most important thing is that you stay safe and well!