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Week 5 (18.05.20)

Hello. Welcome to the last week of online learning before the Whit half term holiday. The weeks just seem to be passing us by. I miss seeing all your smiling faces and hearing your daily news. I hope you are all still well and looking after yourselves and your family.  Take care and I hope you enjoy this week's learning.


This week we are going to be thinking about Polar animals. We will learn where the polar regions are in the world and explore some of the ways that they differ from each other. We will also be introducing some specific vocabulary that is used when describing animals (mammal, carnivore, herbivore etc.)

In our Maths work this week we are going to be looking at 'Measures.' We will be learning about length, height, weight and mass.

We will be continuing to learn more of the Phases 5 phonics sounds this week, so please keep following the Letters and Sounds daily phonics lessons.

I would also like you to log onto Oxford Owls this week and read these books :

The Ice and Snow Book

Our Incredible Planet

Save the Whale

When Animals Invade


I hope you enjoy them!